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4 Popular Questions People Ask About Astrology And How It Differs From Astronomy

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Astrology vs Astronomy: What’s the Difference?

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Astronomy vs. Astrology: How Are They Different? - Telescope Observer

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Intermediate Is the Moon moving away from the Earth? Intermediate What are the names of the earth, moon, sun, and solar system? This is a wrong view as astrology has many differences from astronomy that will be highlighted in this article. However, we should remember that the difference between astrology and astronomy took place because with time people began to think in a more logical way.

While both astronomy and astrology involve study of movement of celestial bodies, astrology is a set of beliefs and thoughts that movement of sun, moon, planets, and stars, etc. Modern scientists consider astrology as a pseudoscience and superstition. But to ridicule a field of study just because it cannot be proven does not mean it is wrong.

There are many supporters and takers for this field of study who believe that planetary motion has a lot to do with what a person is and what the future holds for him based upon the motion of celestial bodies.

Astronomy vs astrology how far is astrology true nasty astrology aries

On the other hand, astronomy is a scientific study of motion of these celestial bodies and is very similar to astrophysics , which is why it is accepted as a science. The only predictions made by astronomy is about the path of different celestial bodies, how long till they see the end of their existence and such. No predictions are made about how the movement of these planets affects the lives of humans.