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Astrology is a probabilistic subject in nature. An astrologer can only say that event x is "very likely" and event y is "very unlikely" - he can never say "this will happen".

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Astrology is a probabilistic study of natural tendencies. It is a probabilistic study of the "gravity towards destiny". Just as the gravity towards earth can be overcome, this "gravity towards destiny" can be overcome by several means "will power" being one of those. In other words, astrology is merely a system that enables one to guess the future, but with a higher success rate than what can be achieved without using it.

The two words in bold letters here summarize the weakness and strength of astrology.

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Astrological predictions are, after all, "guesses"! But then, they are "better" guesses from the point of view of long-run success rate! There is a sloka poem in Sanskrit that says that only Creator knows what is going to happen - others can only guess it! How to use astrology in real-life Then, the obvious question is: How should we use astrology in real-life? One should consciously recognize the fact that astrological predictions can go wrong.


Even if an astrologer did a great job with the horoscope of someone you know, there is no guarantee that he or she will be successful with your horoscope. Actually, even if s he did a great job with your own horoscope sometime back, he need not be successful in future! Astrological predictions are merely intelligent guesses - more intelligent in the long-run than your most intelligent non-astrological guesses.

Look up or look down?

If you have a good time, you may not hesitate to take a risk or two. If you have a bad time, be extra careful and be mentally prepared to tackle unpleasant situations. Astrology should make you robust, prepared and adaptive, rather than prejudiced. Why should astrology work at all?

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They say that the bio-magnetic cells in human bodies respond to the electromagnetic waves of planets. Well, it sounds interesting because it uses the technical terms we are familiar with - man, after all, tends to explain new phenomena in old technical terms, but it is not "technical terms" that makes something "scientific", it is "logic" that does it. Sadly, these arguments lack logic. They merely make you think,"well, that's possible.

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As far as I am concerned, there are some statistical correlations between planetary movements and world events, that are extremely interesting. I will just work on refining my understanding of the correlations and modeling them as precisely as possible. I am not bothered about why those correlations work.

I hope that it will be known to mankind in foreseeable future.

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Even if it's not known, it shouldn't stop the work on modelling those correlations. After all, science is based on some fundamental observations that seem to hold true in practice e. In science, we have some statistical observations that seem to hold in practice and then some theories and "technical terms" evolving from these fundamental observations.

It is possible that astrology cannot be explained in terms of known theories - it is conceivable that astrology consists of a new set of fundamental statistical observations.

Misuse of astrology Exploring these correlations and modeling them mathematically requires scientific temper. But, unfortunately, most people with a scientific frame of mind shy away from astrology. It is no secret that astrology is regarded as a "superstition" in many parts of the society. But, why? The main problem is that astrology, unlike other branches of knowledge, is not a regulated field. Anyone with a pocketbook on astrology can claim to be an astrologer. For that matter, one without even a pocketbook can claim to be an astrologer!

This gross misuse and abuse led to the fall of astrology in the last two centuries in the eyes of intelligentsia. It reduced astrology to a superstition.

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