Aquarius Men

All their energy goes towards a cause in order to gain some sort of emotional satisfaction or personal accomplishment. They can be good friends but something more than that might need a lot of compromise and understanding from both. When the Aquarius man is dating the Bull , they will have interesting conversations which will be the start of their relationship.

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Win and Keep the Heart of an Aquarius Man Forever

They are both analytical and intelligent and love to share their ideas with others. The possibilities are endless when you put together an Aquarius male in love with a Gemini female. Both being ambitious, are willing to help other reach the pinnacle of success. While she is sentimental and emotional, the Water Bearer lives in a world of his own.

But they are capable of starting on a spiritual journey together. But still there is scope for success if the Aquarian can make a little more effort in pampering his love. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Though both may be social and outgoing, the Lioness will be left in the cold with the detached Aquarius personality. They both need to communicate for a better relationship as each has his own lifestyle.

There is potential to this love match but are either ready to make the required commitment? But petty issues might be the cause for breakup of this union. They are both in pursuit of something in life. But their ways of reaching their goals is different. Both are charming and social. Both hate conflicts and this is one relationship which will have no arguments!

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Aquarius man is probably one of the softest male representatives of zodiac. He is a benevolent, caring personality that tries to understand others. He is not a weak person, but his sensibility is not typically masculine, in terms of toughness and raw strength. While you could associate gentleness with fragility, Aquarius man is actually quite courageous.

He does not hide his emotions or act tough, which is something that requires true boldness, to be honest. His warmth and passion are easily seen; he does not try to hide them. You do not have to dig deep to reach his warm and loving soul. Aquarius man does not run away from his nature and he is proud of it. Aquarius man is someone who could be very ambitious in professional sense, but money is not the first thing on his mind. In addition, Aquarius men are known to be fairy players and tolerant people.

Aquarius man always contributes to the team with great efficiency and his qualities are recognized and appreciated. He is not interested into being a leader, especially in professional sense.

How to attract an Aquarius man: Surprise him

However, that does not mean he is unsuccessful. Actually, Aquarius man enjoys his work and usually has excellent results in what interests him. His compassionate and understanding nature could make him a leader in another kind of setting; his charisma and honesty inspired others a lot. Aquarius man is a loyal, emotional and devoted friends and lover.

He does not like to argue and would often forgive others for their mistakes, even if it were something to harm him. He is not foolish and would not let others manipulate him, but Aquarius is not a vengeful personality and would rather forgive and forget. Aquarius people are generally talented for all kinds of art.

Aquarius man is the same; it is very common that his work has artistic ground or that he has an artistic hobby. Whatever the case, Aquarius man has to find a channel to express his talents and fulfill his artistic needs. That is not true. Aquarius man is free spirited, open minded and very independent.

He would like to make this world a better place. Aquarius man values his freedom above everything else. You may try to cage him, but he would never let you control him, unless he has decided so. Aquarius man tends to have a long and steady relationship, but before he actually starts such one, there is no way you could suppress his need for extravagancy, exploration and adventurousness.

Aquarius woman is, of, course, very much like her male counterpart, although there are differences between them, seen in characteristics typical for female Aquarius representatives and male ones. Aquarius woman is delicately feminine, in every sense possible. She is a person with an open heart and an open mind.

How to attract an Aquarius man in 5 steps:

Aquarius woman is guided by ideals and ideas many would fail to understand. That is, because Aquarius woman also believes she has some higher purpose in life. She would like to change the world, for better.

She is a pacifist and the one who would always try to find the most beneficial solution for everyone. While she is deeply emotional and ethical, there are some things Aquarius woman cannot tolerate.

She is very sensitive to injustice and inequality of rights. She is a humanist and someone who understands people. She could be an extraordinary pedagogue or psychologist; Aquarius women are also known to be gifted in astrology and esoteric fields. Aquarius woman enjoys helping others, so you could often have her volunteering and doing charity work.

She is soft, gentle, delicate and usually quiet. However, she would boldly defend her causes and she is definitely not a weak character. Aquarius woman values herself, but she never puts herself above others. She respects those she deems respectable and expects the same in return. She is extremely sensitive to everything around her; Aquarius woman sees beauty and suffering in things others would not notice. She could appear very cold and distant, because she thinks on a bigger plan.

For example, she could appear uninterested in your problems, because she forges a plan how to help the whole community, not just an individual.

Aquarius Personality: January 20 - February 18

It makes people mistake her for being reserved and insensitive, while it is exactly the opposite. Her charisma is infinite, her motivation is endless. Aquarius woman is creative and imaginative, but she does not lose the sense of reality. She likes to create things and she could be very independent. She is free spirited and an unconventional thinker.

Aquarius woman loves to learn and to explore. She does not think money is the most important thing in the world. Aquarius woman always chooses to do something she likes; you would not have her working only for money.

She spends what she earns and does not think much about it. When it comes to love life, Aquarius women are known romantics. Although flirty and playful, Aquarius woman does not instantly fall in love. To win an Aquarius lady, you have to be creative and imaginative. You have to share at least some of her interests, because she would enjoy talking to you. She admires men who are independent and open minded. She needs a partner who would never try to restrict her freedoms.