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Gemini 2020 Horoscope

During this time, bureaucratic issues and partnerships are not a problem, a sign that many of the tasks you want to complete will come out the way you hoped. In the second quarter of , but especially from April onwards, some travelers and associations will not bring you the expected gain.

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The professional partnerships that you are involved in will also suffer some obstacles, but you can overcome them without problems. In the third quarter of the year, but especially since September, the balance of forces between you and associates is balanced. Ties to foreigners and professional delegations will evolve as you have hoped. In July, it would be desirable not to sign contracts or negotiate partnerships.

You might lose yourself. In the fourth quarter of , but especially in November, you will not have a productive period.

Family Life Horoscope 2020 for Gemini born

Astronomers warn you that what you are doing this month may be inversely proportional to what you have been proposing. Also look for starting in December, focusing on professional training through courses.

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And in , this sector of your life seems to be one that asks you pretty much, but emotionally and not necessarily physically. The stars tell you that is not one that brings you many surprises or worries. However, do not forget that you tend to forget to eat or sleep when someone or something fascinates you completely.

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Try to put yourself and your physical well-being on the first place. Life is about change. Embrace this concept and will bring you exciting adventures and new opportunities for personal and career growth.

Get ready, get set, go! You could even substitute with a series of long weekends to nearby locations. It will boost your curiosity to the max and motivate you to seek knowledge and to explore other cultures and ways of life.

Experience and learn all you can this year by expanding your mental horizons. Consider taking a class for fun or profit, learn another language, see museum exhibits, talk with people, read, and open your mind to different viewpoints. As you do it all, go beyond information into the realm of knowledge. What you gain from these experiences will in some way benefit your career and your ambitions in the next year. This planetary duo could also motivate you to return to school for a degree or certification in order to fulfill your dreams.

But the Jupiter-Neptune union can indicate unrealistic goals and wishful thinking as often as it can trigger inspiration and faith in yourself and the universe. Also be cautious about taking anyone new at face value, especially a potential business or romantic partner.

Gemini Horoscope & Decans Predictions by Darkstar Astrology

Check references if you need to hire an attorney and keep all discussions to yourself. Trusting the wrong person could cost you money.

Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2020 - Astrology Annual Forecast

Saturn almost completes its time in Virgo, your solar fourth house of home and family, this year. It will briefly return to Virgo in the next year. And it will continue to be a learning experience in everything from relationships to relatives to the physical space you call your own.

Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Saturn could prompt you to remodel your home or acquire a new one. Be cautious if you want to purchase a home of your own or are considering a roommate. If you have a home to sell, do that first, and then buy less rather than more in order to keep mortgage payments in the lowest possible range.