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Chandrashtama dates for the whole year is included. Symbol: Orifice of the womb oss-mouth , lord Mangal. You can get all important dates and puja timings of all Indian festivals calendar list. You will earn money only through the right ways. Click Here for Pushya Nakshatra Dates for There are 12 sun signs or rashis in all. Daylight Savings Time, if applicable e. Their communication skills are exceptionally good. Arranged marriage chitra banerjee divakaruni epub. Longitude ranges. Krithika Tithi: Purnima up to pm. You will rise to success from most problematic situations.

This pada Country Standard Time. Compared to padha 1 people they more thoughtful about others and have seen that they getting good amount of riches at very young age. Shahrukh and gauri marriage problems.

Bharani — The Elephant. Jupiter will stay in Jyestha nakshatra, Moola nakshatra and Purvashada nakshatra in Scorpio and Sagittarius signs in Birth Star or Janma Nakshatra which is the constellation in which the Moon was located at the time and place of the birth of an individual and have their own influence on the individuals life. The energy of Bharani is called ugra or krura, which translates as harsh, powerful, hot, formidable and fierce. These are general auspicious muhurta date and time indicators only.

Nakshatra: Bharani up to pm. Bharani Nakshatra Bharani Nakshatra is the expression of Lord Yama's supremacy enclosing the surface from Saturn reaches its maximum debilitation in this nakshatra. The ruling deity is Yama the binder , the God of Death. Then however something different happens. Demon effigies are burned in Goa in celebration. This is the only Nakshatra in the zodiac which does not have a female animal counterpart. My readers are requested to check their individual Rashi and then check their respective predictions.

Ashwini nakshatra falls in the zodiac sign of Mesha, which is ruled by the cruel, ferocious, savage etc. Rules dating your therapist. A famous verse tells us more about the inauspicious effects of Jwalamukhi yoga. Indian Astrology Calendar - Sep 18, For example, if your were born in New Jersey, enter -4 if you were born between March 10, to November 03, We welcome you to Gemstoneuniverse.

During these sixteen days of Shraddh, each day is dedicated as Tithi date of an ancestor. Bharani is ruled by Yama, the God of Death. Venus is the Lord of this Star and Aries is ruled by Mars. It is a reference primarily to the femine side of nature and capacity to receive, hold, nurture and destroy. Besides this, girls having impact of Moon in Magha nakshatra arena are perceived to be endowed with long and healthy hair.

Hindu Calendar includes list of Hindu festivals tyohar or vrat in September, Please find above complete information about your lucky gems according to Moon sign. Punarvasu Nakshatra 2nd Pada Characteristics Punarvasu Nakshatra 2nd Pada: Natives born in this pada are good accumulator of wealth and soft spoken.

The transit of Jupiter over 2nd and 11th house brings wealth opportunity which is for Aquarius Ascendant in year Note: srirangaminfo. In service to tamil people all around the world, we bring you the tamil daily calendar sheets for your auspicious events reference. Panchang is the Hindu Calendar and it is a sanskrit word which is comprises of two words i.

Here is the horoscope for the people of the Aries Zodiac Sign. Jupiter transit over 3rd,7th and 11th is fruitful to improve relations which is for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Ascendant.

The zodiac is divided into 27 nakshatras. It extends from to Name by Birth Date Festival Dates. Bharani is said to behold the energy of Venus and according to Vedic astrologers, Bharani represented the female sexual organ. The Bharani individuals possess a very strong character, and can withhold the transformations that life presents to them. It serves to be the platform on which you will find all the necessary information related to Hindu festivals like their dates, days and time of celebration according to the Hindu Find your Nakshatra through Nakshatra finder for accurate horoscope calculations.

Copyright - Incnut Digital. The Shraddha ceremony of the deceased family member can also be done on Bharani asterism along with the tithi that marks the actual date of death. Here find the list of Ekadashi Dates in with Parana timings. Just input the time, date, and place of birth to get the result.

Kodungalloor Bhagavathy Temple, Thrissur, India. List of baby names are listed here that belongs to Bharani nakshatra. Yama is the chief justice and he decides which is right and which is wrong. If moon is situated in Aries between these degrees and child born in this time, it is said that it is born in Gand Mool nakshatra.

It is also known as Kathir and Kartari. Guna points shown here are out of Meenam 1, falls on March On , Onam falls on Sunday, September 01; it is the time to celebrate this occasion with all your near and dear ones. Most of the time luck will favor you. This is extended from Bharani Nakshatra.

Register yourself for astrological Birth Chart and astrological analysis. Jwalamukhi yoga is formed with the presence of Mool nakshatra on Pratipada date, Bharani nakshatra on Panchami date, Kritika nakshatra on Atithi date, Rohini nakshatra on Navami date or Ashlesha nakshatra on Dashami date. Janme to Jeeve nahi, Base to ujde gaon, Bharani Nakshatra is spread from This may trigger jealousy among others.

It begins with the rise of Rohini Nakshatra after sunrise and concludes with the rise of Margashirsha Nakshatra. What is Bharani Nakshatra? According to Indian astrology the zodiac is an imaginary belt of degrees. Saving first kiss for marriage vine. Totally there are 27 stars or nakshatra and 12 Rasi. You can use our Chinese Farmer's Almanac calendar Tung Shing or Tung Shu to find out things suggested to do or not to do for each day, and holidays and solar terms in each month.

You will get dues from the government and your financial status will improve a little. Nakshatra Finder can be used easily to determine your Birth Star or Nakshatra. Hindu Calendar , contains all the important occasions, festivals, fasts and other related festivities of the Hindu religion that will be observed in the year This is the 2nd Nakshatra of the Zodiac. Nakshatras are a part of the DNA of a person rather than the entire genetic makeup of the individual.

It is advisable to go for both methods.

Bc marriage certificate name Date Of Birth. You will respect your elders and follow their wishes. Scientists have gone too far in the recent times to give us various theories. Panchangam today is your daily ready reckoner for finding good times of the day, every day. Read Bharani Nakshatra section on AstroVed. For the month of August , Mesh Rashi Aries natives will get good revenue from agriculture. Indian astrologers use your baby's rashi along with her nakshatra to paint a more complete picture of her personality. Marriage muhurta dates in , The muhurtas given here are selected based on auspicious panchanga elements like tithi, vara, nakshatra, yoga and karana suitable for marriage muhurtam, grihapravesh muhurtam house warming and property purchase muhurtam.

8 Facts About Saturn (Shani) by Celebrity Astrologer E.K.Dhilip Kumar

I have my own computer program I am also a computer programmer having earlier worked with NIIT a leading computer institute that does the job well. He was alarmed. I told him not to worry because there are thousand more possible suitors waiting for his dear sister. So I did not understand why he was so worried until he hesitantly told me the marriage was already fixed. I asked him to stop the marriage because the marriage will eventually fail. He said that is impossible because the advance for the marriage hall was paid up, the invitations have already been sent or given by his parents to most people and he told me to think about the pitiable state of his sister.

I then asked him, "Why did you come after fixing the marriage, horoscope matching is done only if you still retain the choice of selecting your spouse". After telling me how he found me out in the last minute, he asked me what was wrong with the compatibility. I said it is something about Mars Kuja Dosha. This planet is always associated with separation, divorce or even death of the spouse. He then requested me repeatedly to suggest some astrological remedies and other suggestions that will prevent divorce or death.

I said the only remedy is to stop the marriage. He said if that happens the life of my sister is doomed. After about 45 minutes of continuous pleading I yielded under pressure and told him, "Okay, I will give you a remedy, but it may not work all the time and there is no assurance for protection. Kuja Mars is the afflicting planet. We are told that one can control the malefic effects of Mars by worshiping Lord Muruga Skanda on all Tuesdays the day of Mars by offering red clothes and red items Mars is red.

The couple should together do this for lifetime. If they stop this remedy the malefic effects will appear again. He was a relieved man. He then asked me to change the last line in the horoscope matching report from "The Horoscopes do not match" to "The Horoscopes match well". I said that i will not do that because the truth remains that the horoscopes do not match. It was his turn to yield now as he got up and left. After 5 months he came back. As soon as he entered the consultation room, he told me that his sister is seeking legal separation from a court in New Delhi which is where the couple lived after marriage.

I asked him did they do the remedies. His sister did not find time because she was busy with her office work. He said in a somewhat stern voice, "Mr Dhilip had you told me that this marriage was going to end in divorce I would have surely stopped the marriage. So I have one advice for you, in future whenever 2 horoscopes don't match just leave it at that and do not suggest any remedies". I found no good reply. Experience 5.

Somewhere in a man with 3 educational degrees from famous colleges of India met me and questioned me of the reliability of Vedic Astrology. He had several questions about his career. I answered them all. But despite the right answers he was not convinced that Astrology is indeed a great science. Those were the days when I had the great urge to convince a person once I knew that the person in front of me did not regard Astrology as a dependable science.

I would spend hours to prove that Astrology was a great science. And luckily for me and unluckily for him I found out that this man in his lifetime was never going to be blessed with a child.

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The astrological reasons were many. He said that as an Astrologer I should know the answer to that question. I said that i did not know. I told him "once you give me this information I assure you that I would give you another information that will reveal something very important about you". He then told me he got married 8 years ago. I said "I find many planetary combination that indicate childlessness in your horoscope. You may not be blessed with a child in this birth. So if you give me the horoscope of your wife, then I will conclude on this issue".

He came the next day with the birth details of his wife. After printing out the computer horoscope I studied the planetary positions and found that unfortunately even she had the same childlessness indicated. When 2 such people get married they will be childless because it was part of the karmic plan to get them together. During those days a friend call him Remedies Friend of mine used to visit my office often and he claimed that he knew a great deal about poojas rituals and astrological remedies for any problem.

Since I did not want to disappoint my client I suggested that he should meet this friend of mine and check out if there were any solution. My "remedies" friend enthusiastically told him there was nothing that cannot be achieved by rituals and mantras. He gave him a long list of things to do. It included a list of temples he had to go, pray and do certain poojas on certain days of the week. He did all that.

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After 5 months, his doctor discovered a medical fault with him and using surgery rectified the fault. After 3 months his wife was pregnant.

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Note: The same doctor did not notice this fault for years. He noticed it immediately after the remedies were done. I was startled looking at the result. I was unable to understand how this was possible. If the horoscope showed so clearly childlessness how is that the remedies were able to change all that. Anyway I was happy that the couple was finally going to be blessed with a child after years of anxieties.

I was not worried that I got it all wrong. Later on I met the same client once again but this time for a consultation for his friend. I asked him whether he was going to the temples and doing all the required poojas. The answer hocked me when told me that he and his wife stopped doing all the remedies simple because they both reasoned out that the doctor performed the magic instead of the prayers.


Without the doctor all this was not possible. So why say that the remedies did that when the real credit should go to the medical science. So they thought that the remedies were just an eye wash.

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They said the credit should go the field of medicine and the doctor. I told my client that there is no harm in doing the poojas. After all it is not like consuming alcohol, or smoking or gambling. Prayers have no side effects. He told me not to bother him with all these remedies. He even warned me that if I continued to convince him he would never come back to me. I left it at that. On April 14th of the child was born dead. I was shocked when I came to hear of it. I never saw the man again. I spent years thinking about how much fate and how much freewill we all have in our lives.

After years of pondering I understood that If the fate it too strong, freewill has less chance to alter fate during a particular patch in time. If the fate was weak, little effort and guidance can change what is to happen. So never give up trying. Experience 6. I am unable to recall the year this young man met me.

He came for a consultation one evening. As soon as he sat down he told me that this was his first astrological consultation. I observed that he was nervous and so I told him not to worry because at the end of the consultation I promised him that he would be glad about it.

I stared at the horoscope for about 30 minutes without uttering a single word. I was stumped. He asked me whether something was wrong because he noticed I looked very serious. Actually I was searching for a good reason why he came for consultation and that is because usually people visit doctors, lawyers etc only when they have a problem. I noticed from his horoscope that the planetary period was excellent and the transits were very supportive. I concluded that he was in his golden period. I have been used to the style of starting the consultation on the negative side and then shifting to the positive things only at the end of the consultation.

Here I was found myself in a different situation. Finally I gave in. I said, "I cannot see any problem in your life. So I fail to understand why you came for consultation? Please kindly let me know the answer". He said, "Sir, you are right and that is exactly why I came today". I was not astonished. He then told me that he took over a part of his uncle's business in garment trade. Though he was new to the business he did well. To move from a scooter to Mercedes car took him just 3 years.

From a 4 digit bank balance in rupees he improved it to a 8 digit bank balance in just 3 years. He told me that he was afraid of his own phenomenal rise in such a manner. Will it last or is it just a dream. He was suspicious. He felt that something was wrong. I looked at the horoscope and said that he was in his best phase of his life. The golden period - the Raja Yoga period which is how we refer to such a great period in vedic astrology. Thereafter, when the next sub period starts, which happens to be that of Mars, Obama may experience a series of difficult situations until He should be extra careful when playing games and taking up any sport as he may be prone to injuries to his face and eyes.

Health-wise, food poisoning is indicated. He is also likely to face trouble with other world leaders, as the inauspicious period denotes fear, treachery, and hidden dangers. Another area of concern is when Obama moves into the White House because it is not Vasthu-friendly: He will be occupying the oval office located in the south-east, which is the fire quadrant, an inauspicious space for the head of the country to occupy.

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Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. Written in the stars. Up to April 17, , the signs are auspicious for Obama. Vasthu talk The columnist will present a talk on astrology and present the Vasthu Sastra forecast for on Dec 14 at 2. Stay tuned for a new offer coming to you soon.