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You will continue on the right career path, navigating some tricky situations with grace. Although some people think of you as a homebody, found you with a lust for travel and new experiences outside of your comfort zone. It's made you question where you work, where you live, and even if you want to go back to school or in some other way change gears.

Twenty-nineteen will bring you clarity. After all, you are the party. This last year has been personally challenging. In spite of this, you really have tried to maintain order in your life. Next year will bring you opportunities to do both.

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If you follow your instincts and longstanding contacts, you will enter a path of prosperity, both spiritually and financially. Also, health may be a big theme for You take such good care of others, but at times you can neglect yourself. If you continue to do so, there may be problems. Remember that just as you care for your family and friends, your family and friends care for you. They need you to be healthy and see you as the rock you know yourself to be. Your persistence and loyalty really helped you overcome some challenging situations in So much is said about your vanity and need for attention, but people often forget how determined you are and how hard you work.

Remember that the sun is your ruler. You are a constant source of energy. Twenty-eighteen has been a year of great change for you. Walking away brought you in touch with the side of yourself that loves the new. Still, , especially the first few months, might put you in a space of rejection and guilt. You'll start to question if you made the right choices, and if you should go back to the way things were. It's a good thing to re-learn who you are and what makes you happy. Also, as you probably know, you have a knack for excelling at work, thanks to your tenacity and grace in stressful situations.

These qualities will impress a lot of people towards the middle of the year, and an exciting new job opportunity may be in the works.

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Well, here you are in your new life. You changed a lot this past year. You may have moved or started a new job; you may have jumped into a new workout regime, too.

Twenty-eighteen has been a year of real personal shifts. And yet despite all that, love is still on your mind, as ever. Will you ever tire of rehearsing the endless ideal possibilities in your head? A real love is not an ideal love. Somewhere inside of you, you know this, but you still fight with yourself constantly. You will find real love, but please give up the perfectionist mind with which you judge yourself.

It will require—are you ready? You take time to be known. Twenty-eighteen was a time of important decision-making. You're a determined person who sticks with the things that you've decided on, and the past year has given you a lot of reasons to stick by your choices. This especially applies to your love life. If necessary, you can flee quickly from these lackluster affairs.

This year, you learned that you actually thrive on the stability of the mundane; it makes you feel known, and less anxious. So you've stuck by your inner, stable heart, and your heart has granted you security in the process.

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Twenty-nineteen will give you some time to spread your wings in your career. Foundations that you've been building will take shape and turn into actual, living structures. You've likely made a bit of a name for yourself around the workplace, but will give you opportunities to grow into the leader you know you can be. Take lessons from your love life and see things through, and you'll reap the benefits all year.

This past year has required real fearlessness. But you have taken them. Wake up earlier. Make lists like a Virgo and cross them off.

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Action will be the most important thing in They are warm-hearted, but you first have to prove something to get to this level with them. People born on December 7th think big. This characteristic often drives these people to wealth. If you are a person born on this day, opening a business or being an entrepreneur is a well-suited career for you. They are just two of the many well-known people who share the same birthday as you.

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Your ability to draw on problems and create something good out of them pays off tremendously in business. You have to remember that business success all boils down to your ability to offer solutions to problems. People are not going to hand you their money because they have nothing else better to do. Your ability to turn tension, distrust, negativity, and problems into something positive pays off tremendously when it comes to business.

You are able to spot problems and turn them into opportunities. This is the number one skill of any entrepreneur worth his or her salt. You have this skill in spades. They are never afraid to consider new ideas. They are also very infectious people when it comes to positivity.

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People born on this day listen to their instincts and they are lucky to meet the right people along the way. This trait usually brings them success in their endeavors.

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  4. People born on this day are direct individuals and are very friendly. However, there are times when they seem to be reserved. Their friends would say that they are humble beings. No matter how successful they become, they just keep it on their own and not brag about it. One of the things that people born on December 7th need to change is their tendency to be gullible and trusting.

    They have to understand that not all people they meet mean them good. They can also be superstitious at times. Never bite off more than you can chew. You know your capabilities. You know that you have a way of turning something negative into something positive. With that said, there is a limit to that ability.

    Your best bet is to not get impatient. Try to take baby steps. Try to tackle small, sequential problems until they get bigger and bigger.

    The problem is there is a breaking point. Know your appetite for risk and your core competencies.