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You can use this list to help you understand planet meanings in your birth chart. You will notice that the Sun and the Moon are included in this list.

Planets 5 - Mars - Astrology Basics 42

They are considered planets for interpreting birth charts. Each planet represents a different part of life, a different energy. In astrology, the planets are divided into three categories: personal planets, social planets, and collective planets.

Importance of Mars in Astrology

They are called fast-moving planets because they travel through the entire zodiac quickly. The fastest is the Moon at 28 days. The slowest is Mars at 1 year, days.

The social planets are Jupiter and Saturn. They are seen as a transition between the personal planets and the collective planets. The collective planets are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They are called slow-moving planets because they travel slowly through the zodiac, taking 12 to 49 years.

Mars characteristics | Mars astrological significance | Nature of Mars

Planet Meaning and Description: The Sun is the most important planet in your chart. It is your ego, your motivation, your interests, your basic likes and dislikes, your vitality, and how you express and identify yourself. The Sun is connected to the Masculine and your father. Planet Meaning and Description: The Moon governs your emotional attachments. It represents your intuition, your instincts, your habits, your conscious mind, and what makes you feel comfortable and secure. It oversees how you express your emotions and share yourself with others, especially when you react without taking time to think things over first.

The Moon is associated with your mother, your home and family, your childhood, and how you like to decorate your home. The Moon governs the emotions you try to keep hidden, such as jealousy, anger and fear. It's also the sensual side of you that shows great joy and pleasure. Because the Moon rules things you tend to keep hidden, your Moon sign is usually only visible to those who are closest to you. If you've ever wondered why some people need a lot of assurance while others are quite confident, look to their Moon sign.

Planet Meanings and Description: Mercury is about your communication style, how you think, how you solve problems, how you learn, what you're curious about, and some of your general interests. Where Mars is will show how those key words in that above list play out. The Lower is compared to a BIG, often Uncontrollable Dog that barks, tries to bite, and simply cause chaos in your life and run a muck. The Higher a calm, strong , sure, and experienced Owner. Well a good pet owner when walking big vicious dogs is mindful of their size, appearance, behavior, and actions, for, they know how a big vicious looking dog can intimidate, and inspire fear and anger.

Often they are being pulled and damn near dragged. Well picture that is how Mars is when you the owner are not being a wise pet owner. I know many people love positive methodology for managing their anger, so here is another small experiment for study; write down the house, sign, degree Mars is at in your Natal Chart. As well some may want to go into the Decans too. Write down the relationships or aspects Mars makes in you natal chart. Let's R. We have to spiral out of the circle of repetition to the Next Level, so lets put in the work. Follow this assignment, it works.

Once this is down go over the list, and think about it, compare the energy those key words form to life situations from memory. These information can help you build a wonderfully useful tool belt for dealing with the negative side of Mars in Self. Ya Dig! Now the Cardinal Cross energy is very important to mastering one's self discipline and anger. Moon - Cancer is Emotions, Memories, Instincts. Yup, because they are the Energies of Change, Direction, Commitments, Action, Determination, of the changing Seasons when one must apply changes and change directions, and refocus, and, they are also the energies of the directions.

So we can clearly see the Importance of them and the importance of Mars to them since Mars is your Initiation, Drive, Motivation and Determination of action. Now take the above key words and visualize how they all help in positive and proper management of one's Mars. For instance one Needs Motivation and Drive to enact positive and new direction, they have to be Emotionally Balance, and have Self Control as well. Violence out of my own selfishness can and does hold me back from my ambitions, highest potentials and success.

Heck, me and my younger sisters always use to argue about whom was the boss when my father was not home, and I was the oldest…LOL. Now the Midpoint short arc of that energy falls in Leo and the closest planet to that point is Venus in Leo, so Unconditional Love, or Being Fair, Honest, and Loyal as well as being Positively Assertive, Motivate, and asthetic can help me over come that square. That configuration also means that I utilize my Close Relationships for private consultation to assist me in managing that Mars square Saturn in my chart.

Note, I know this may fly over some of your heads, but for Professional and Experienced Astrologers they get what I just dropped.

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When ever Mars and Saturn Square in the Transit or Progress that energy brings stress via the Natal configuration delineation at that moment, so knowing the who, what, when where, how and why about Mars in you life will definitely help in Mastering Of Self Definitely; M. Look where it is in your chart to delineate the best methodology on how to utilize it in positive, productive and constructive ways. LOL W. Armed with this HOT advise I hope someone, anyone can definitely grow and bring about positive change in self via these tools.

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Email or Phone. Forgot account? Sign Up. July 2, at PM. Could people whom fit this mold express the Premiere Martian Mind Set or archetype? Ever Reese. Works at Equinox Creative Studios. Just as the crab carries its domicile on its back, Cancer Venus is happiest when building a partnership that feels like home. Leo governs the heart, and fittingly, those born under the Leo Venus sky are true romantics. Regal and generous, Leo Venus loves to worship and be worshiped by their partners.

This fiery Venus idealizes the concept of a "power couple" — after all, Venus Leo is constantly seeking its co-ruler. For Leo Venus, a partnership is personal, because they see it as a reflection of their own identity. So, when this sign feels rejected, proceed with caution, as lions can also be extremely ferocious. Virgo Venus people love to problem-solve, and fittingly, seek a partnership that is based on reciprocity. Virgo's earthy energy is practical and organized, so when fused with sensual Venus, this placement is wooed by thoughtful acts of service. Small and subtle gestures make Virgo Venus's heart aflutter.

For these sweet lovers, there is truly nothing more romantic than when their closest companion lends a helping hand. In addition to Taurus, Venus also governs Libra, so Venus is extremely comfortable working with Libra energy. However, while Taurus Venus is all about physical sensuality, Libra Venus is much more cerebral.

Sun enters Scorpio

Symbolized by the scales, Libra is obsessed with balance, harmony, and symmetry. Fittingly, Libra Venus people are total aesthetes. Those born with this placement love indulging their exquisite style and taste within their partnerships. Simply put, Libra Venus needs to be in a relationship that looks good. Scorpions are shadow dwellers, and similarly, celestial Scorpios derive their dynamic power from the unseen realms. When sensual Venus occupies this sign, it is enchanted by intense, mysterious, and karmic bonds.

Scorpio Venus loves anything with a dash of danger, so those born under this elusive sky crave deep, erotic intimacy that illuminates from the inside. Sagittarius is associated with travel, discovery, and philosophy. Fittingly, when the planet of love occupies this sign, Venus's gaze shifts from romance to rodeos.

People with Sagittarius Venus are drawn to explorers, nomads, and daredevils.

Adventure is a huge turn-on for these fiery lovers, but nothing excites Sagittarius Venus more than a good sense of humor. Sagittarius Venus love to be entertained, so laughter will always be their number one aphrodisiac. Capricorn is the boss of the zodiac, and those with Capricorn Venus are always seeking their proverbial daddy.

Although Venusian energy is tempered by Capricorn's signature stoicism, this planet finds its erotic outlet by experimenting with power dynamics and role play. Because Capricorn abides by the "all work and no play" mantra, people born under the Capricorn Venus get off on pushing these limits. Aquarius energy is progressive, offbeat, and aloof.

Accordingly, those who have Aquarius Venus find pleasure in nonconformity. In fact, for the Aquarius Venus lover, the ideal partnership cannot be defined, because Aquarius Venus refuses to describe their interpersonal bonds through societal conventions. Naturally, Aquarius Venus also gravitates towards eccentric, free-spirited, and rebellious individuals.

When it comes to love, this Venusian placement lets its freak flag fly. The last sign of the zodiac, the Pisces spirit is mystical and ethereal.

Mars, God of War, in Astrology/Zodiac

Although Pisces energy can be hard to contain after all, the ocean is boundless , Venus absolutely adores dwelling in this sign. In fact, Venus is considered "exalted" in Pisces, meaning that in this sign, Venus is functioning at its highest vibration. Pisces Venus finds beauty in absolutely everything and is particularly drawn to creative pursuits such as music and art.