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Then easier for them to join our work force. I am sick of many things, but one is the allowing of Cubans to start citizenship after a year and are protected as soon as they set foot on our soil. I get tired of Mexicans taking the blame for too many things, and other Latinos getting a pass! It get tiresome to expect fairness and not getting it— lol—.

Kitty, and Lorrie U. Thanks for that information. I think the reason work visas are not given is that the workers would be paid minimum wage. The agricultural lobby wants slavery wages. Neither political party wants to fix the immigration problem. Half of the time it is completely filled with Hispanic-speaking families, the other half of the time they are wearing hijabs and praying at sundown. So there are times I do understand why the conservatives feel their way of life is being threatened.

But I do have to say that their sense of family and community is enviable as several generations gather together to celebrate, with lots of happy children playing with their elders, nice to see. For the past ninety-some minutes, Alvy has delved into the psychosexual drama of romantic relationships, trying to figure out the key to making them work. This last remark is akin to Alvy throwing up his hands.

He gives up, with the knowledge that however absurd and ridiculous relationships may be, he still will pursue them. In the brief vignette, Alvy turns away with his head down, signifying that he will always have feelings for Annie and still harbors regret about their breakup. With this last comment, Alvy concludes that there was nothing he could do to prevent the breakup. The remark and the film itself pay tribute to those failed relationships that are no less powerful or worthwhile simply because they did not succeed.

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Prabhata, Your Groucho joke was hilarious and perfect, right on cue! I am too dense sometimes! Thanks, for that. I should have put that together years ago! I assume all that are here, already have jobs, so not to worry on that one? I want our citizens to have jobs first. All of these problems have been allowed to lay too long. I agree with you, that neither party is really interested in Immigration Reform.

He was fantastic. Thanks so much for posting it, I really needed a good laugh, after a day of news chaos! Sharon K, when I saw the Woody tell the old Groucho joke I felt that he should have given credit to Groucho, unless Groucho stole it, which is possible in comedy. That scene is in my head, even if the name of the movie and the correct quote was gone.

Based on true events, Decoding Annie Parker tells the life affirming story of two remarkable women; the irrepressible Annie Parker, a three time cancer survivor and the geneticist Mary-Claire King whose discovery of the breast cancer BRCA gene mutation is considered one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century. And then I moved to the US in my teens. It irritates me when people who move here bring their country dress, traditions, etc.

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By the way, Michelle Obama should have worn a hijab when visiting Saudi Arabia. I did when I visited the area of India that was very Muslim. And there is still no chance to rest — he spends his entire shift on his feet with just two minute breaks. Thanks Prabhata, Woody Allen is funny and original enough he made a career out of his own neuroses but also tried other directions for it to be ok with me for him to steal jokes. It keeps them sane!!! Anyway, I always liked it. I am not a fan of much of his work.

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Washington state, which has the highest min. And, here is a cheering headline that implies that Justice Kennedy will swing against the healthcare challenge:. This guy kind of nails the difference between Republicans and Republican wannabe Conservatives —. The war drums are beginning to scare me. If war comes because the peace process came apart in years to come over nuclear weapons that would be very frightening to me because of all the religious fanatics and their holy war predictions.

But if we go to war because the war mongers sabotage the negotiations then the war will also be a very stupid war. Iran has been expanding its nuclear operations while sanctions have been in place. Only N. Korea has to deal with greater sanctions. How is an agreement going to be worse? Yes, true, P. If that was a good reason to start a war, Iran would have gone all out already.

In the end, the survival of the country is more important than some heavenly reward. Iran could already use its nuclear material to do great damage to its neighbors with radioactive material. Israel plays ball and gets all the weapons and nuclear arsenal it wants. Nuclear armaments are a deterrence, not a reason for war. That simple truth was made quite clear during the Cold War. So think about that. Obama up 6 points in polls. They are not. They are religious, but not insane. Sunnis are the ones who are blowing themselves up, not Shia or Sufi.

In fact the Sunni have been warring against the Sufi just as much as against the Shia. Thanks OX for some good news! You know there are looking foward to a trigger to use to ignite their prophesies. I believe it will take much luck and sustained effort to avoid the path of the fanatics who confuse religious Ferber with blood lust and the hard liner neo-con war mongering forces in all 3 nations. Here they include those who lied to us about Iraq and who brought us into war and who now are pushing the U. Thanks again OX! Iran does support and arm Hamas though, which is Suni. Also, Saudi Arabia, as well as Arab commentators have said Netanyahu is right.

Oh gosh, I live in New Orleans! There is supposed to be no danger to the public! I rarely miss his how but following a 10 hr. I am going to miss Jon Stewart so much when his show goes off the air. My hope is that they will have the Brit, who replaced Jon when he was producing and direct Rose Water, fill that spot. From Afghanistan, to Chechnya, to Indonesia, on and on, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of creating the biggest crazies we know.

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Still very close Prabhata. The proof is in the pudding as they say it might have been a good gamble, and then again no one will know for sure until the 17th. To my point, he was not in the lead when he came to speak here, not in a position of strength nor is he now. He is merely a point or two ahead of where he was.. El Al provided airplane with resting chamber; PMO says no additional cost was involved; accommodation and security costs unknown. Ox the cat, I think Netanyahu speech was well received. Give it a few days because polls take time to move, but the speech appears to give Netanyahu momentum, unless something negative happens soon.

That would be later this year, around his birthday, not now. Kitty, think about how Obama would have treated Netanyahu if there was support. Obama would have invited Netanyahu to the WH and praised him. Obama takes that sort of political maneuver personally. The DOJ has selective justice. I thought that enough Democrats would switch votes and override the veto of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The senate failed the attempt. Prabhata, I agree that Obama would take a slight very personally! Below is just more trivia on Bibi. His personal investigation should not have waited until after the election either. Rachel Maddow did a segment on Petraeus tonight, sighting the Gov.

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Op-ed: Despite his attempts to butter up the American public with Biblical references and home-grown phrases, Netanyahu failed to find new buyers for his aging snake oil; if not for disingenuous GOP applause, his speech would have fallen on deaf ears. By: Lorrie U on March 4th, at pm. Kitty, I know that the excuse was to protect Petraeus from all sort of trouble. How thoughtful of the DOJ. Petraeus benefited from the book his mistress wrote to make him look great.

John Kiriakou exposed the torture by the CIA, and democracy benefited. He was sent to jail. Why else would the administration not release files that he kept, but returned to the government years ago? In light of the unwarranted delay, the Archive saw little choice but to file a lawsuit to accelerate the release of the remaining telcons ensuring that they will be available to historians and social scientists without undue delay. Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo, the Republican chairman of the Minnesota House Job Growth and Energy Affordability Committee, sent letters this week to two Wisconsin businesses offering assistance in relocating their headquarters to Minnesota.

Prabhata, It is all outrageous and frustrating! Lorrie U posted a comment at adictinginfo on the NYT editorial. I doubt Netanyahu is crying over his matzoh ball soup after reading the editorial. Mike Carvin specializes in constitutional, appellate, civil rights, and civil litigation against the federal government. He has argued numerous cases in the United States Supreme Court and in virtually every federal appeals court. Bush in the election Florida recount controversy. They both have some connections with the U.

Thanks for all the intense work. The speech itself was a good speech, but the context was very damaging, as it brought both Israeli and American politics into a realm where they should not be. I, for one, anecdotally, am very angry about it and will be mad at Israelis if they re-elect him. It has greatly ramped up my feelings about the coming Israeli election, and I doubt I am the only one. Lorrie U. Thanks for the post from Addington. It was scathing and impressive! So much controversy, has been amazing. He has written 11 books. By all means; sign the MoveOn.

Boehner face prosecution in federal court and expulsion from Congress. However, know first that the only satisfaction any signer will ever get is while they are filling in those little boxes typical of any online petition.

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Because no matter how many signatures the petition garners, Speaker of the House John A Boehner is going to face the same justice and consequences as the racist white cop who gunned down an unarmed African American teen; none whatsoever. After all, this is America and there is no equity in the justice system; particularly for a criminal who is a repeat offender named John Boehner.

By: Lorrie U on March 5th, at pm. Therefore, it is best, right now, I think if Boehner who I do not like either remain there. This battle for Tikrit is building as Mars moves toward its conjunction with Uranus over the next days. Agreed, Lorrie. As a kid I heard a story about how to capture monkeys. A fruit is put in a gourd with a small opening which is big enough for a fist to enter, but a open hand cannot be pulled out. Now that I think about that story on how to catch a monkey, it might well be an Aesop tale to teach me not to be obstinate. And I guess I got the hand part wrong.

The opening is small enough for the hand to squeeze, but not large enough to allow the fist to come out. That we know. Also, when an action is done repeatedly, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. Carpetbaggers are ready to come in with their IMF loans and save the country. This includes circumventing land moratoriums, investing in seed and input production facilities, and acquiring commodity production, processing, and transportation facilities.

I think the U. Starlight, have you done anything on Hillary lately? I think he has a stellum in the 8th house. I guess some of you, including Starliglht, have already looked. Herzog had said he would alternate being PM with Ztivi Lipni…. Prabhata, Amazing, admission, but sad, pathetic and outrageous! And, will they really fix these problems?

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Great info on Ukraine and the Corp Ag. Thanks for the post. Under its current rules for safeguards, the World Bank and its borrowers are supposed to make sure that people physically or economically displaced by a project are identified, consulted and provided new homes, jobs or other help that restores them to living conditions that are equal to or better than before. The World Bank said that it did not know how many people its projects had uprooted, and that it did not do enough to keep track of projects that push communities off their land or cost people their livelihoods. The World Bank also said it is taking steps to fix the problems with its oversight….

Lorrie U, Thanks for the petition, I signed. Boehner has to know his acts are not acceptable, and he deserves expulsion. Just a thought. He has stood for the right issues. He has stood for the rule of law. You know, like comparing teachers to terrorist who behead and burn people alive. Replacing him with a Tea Party Speaker, they say, would only bring the legislative process — already limping along — to a screeching halt. Sharon K, Ah, brilliant minds must run on the same track? Just read too, that no House Republicans will go to Selma this week-end!

Alex those are interesting links, the further you click back the closer you get to George W Bush. Tentacles everywhere. No response needed just wanted to comment on the link. Helen — Sorry to say, I would have to say if I were a republican, I would come to the same conclusion about Walker.

It boggles my mind that the man has survived a recall, been re-elected, and is a frontrunner in their party. By: Lorrie U on March 6th, at pm. Walker has that young, energetic, teapartyish appeal yet looks sane next to Cruz …people overlook so much….. And he seems to be sharper than Jeb who might be really smart but not so politically saavy? The MMR vaccine stimulates predominately the Th2 side. Overstimulation of this part of the adaptive immune system provokes allergies, asthma, and auto-immune diseases.

Since the Th1 side thwarts cancer, if it does not get fully developed in childhood a person can wind up being more prone to cancer later in life. Women who had mumps during childhood, for example, have been found to be less likely to develop ovarian cancer compared with women who did not have mumps. This study was published in the mainstream medical journal Cancer. Could the fact that cancer has now become a leading cause of death in children be connected to vaccinations?

Only a well-controlled, randomized, blinded, long-term scientific trial would be able to conclusively answer this question. What do her present aspects look like? I call that commitment to party and principle!

We cannot afford fragmentation and divisiveness. I took part in this poll just to see what the results were I had to make choices so I picked the most innocuous ones. I guess as more comes out about both of them things might shift also depending on who has the best destructive message maching. Bertonasco, I think the email thing is the least of what they are going to try to do to Hillary.

Remember the John Kerry Swift Boaters who much later admitted they lied?

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Anywhere, I think this site must be pretty Tea Party. Trudy, I think Steve Judd is so charming! Still loving his accent and phrases! Have you seen this one? Lord help us if he wins the presidency. The day of the first of 3 marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. It ripped my heart. The right to vote that was fought for and won must be used to triumph or this Republic will become another slave society. Warren would not win against any GOP candidate, except a dog catcher. She would lose to Jeb Bush. The powers-that-be PTB are behind Jeb. Just a few days ago, he asked donors to stop sending him money.

But sometimes, money is not enough. I think Hillary would beat him if she was the candidate. My sense is that she will bow out. The Ds will have a difficult time replacing Hillary with a candidate that can win over any GOP candidate. Once that candidate is a certainty, the media will do its part. I mean a presidential candidate. Bob you are so right. I was just thinking about how some people do not understand that there are other factors which suppress the African American vote.

Take Ferguson. The police issue huge fines and some people are afraid to go the polls and identify themselves because they have these huge outstanding fines. Think about Wisconsin and the big sign they put in the African American communities showing a person who had voted and was behind bars. It is not just the legislatures that are suppressing the vote it is the police who are issuing the fines and all the arrests and felony convictions which may or may not be legitimate. When you look at the Ferguson report you can see another layer of what is going on with denying civil rights on so many levels.

I am not saying that they police are thinking about voting rights per se when they issue a fine but it is a consequence. Another musing. This really is the Koch Brothers last gasp. I think the elder brother will be close to ninety and the other brother in his early to mid eighties if they cannot prevail in This one is really for all the marbles for them and that is why they are pouring all they have into this election.

It would certainly be traumatic for most of our insane leaders? I can hope! Thanks again, Kitty — There is certainly enough in that forcast to listen to more than once! I have also noticed a profound dissatisfaction with the existing medical situations. I had another thought as to why Hillary had her own server: NSA.

Maybe it was a way to keep sensitive information out of the NSA surveillance with a high encryption system. You mentioned in an interview that your parents were Democrats. What did they think about you marrying a Republican? In the beginning, they just thought it was infatuation and that Scott was going to go away! Scott and I are 12 years apart, so really that was more of an issue to my family than him being a Republican. They were Democrats and they were union people. When Wisconsin became the first state in the nation in to let public employees bargain with their employers, the legislation catalyzed changes to labor laws across the country.

In March , when newly elected governor Scott Walker repealed most of that labor law and subsequent ones—and then became the first governor in the nation to survive a recall election fifteen months later—it sent a different message. Both times, Wisconsin took the lead, first empowering public unions and then weakening them. This book recounts the battle between the Republican governor and the unions. The struggle drew the attention of the country and the notice of the world, launching Walker as a national star for the Republican Party and simultaneously energizing and damaging the American labor movement.

Jason Stein and Patrick Marley, award-winning journalists for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, covered the fight firsthand. Conducting new in-depth interviews with elected officials, labor leaders, police officers, protestors, and other key figures, and drawing on new documents and their own years of experience as statehouse reporters, Stein and Marley have written a gripping account of the wildest sixteen months in Wisconsin politics since the era of Joe McCarthy. Mystic Rectangle Archives - Dreaming Souls. Leo Lunar Eclipse - YT. What is a "mystical triangle"?

Free art print of Pattern with alchemy symbols. November Astrology Forecast: Jupiter Enters. Vedic astrology birth charts in northern indian diamond. What do you know of a 'Mystic Rectangle' in astrology? Astrology Education Planetary Geometry. Astrology Services Archives - Mystic Solutions. Blog — A Fool's Inclination. Astrology Dictionary D. Geometric Pattern Completion in Synastry - Lindaland. Astro Butterfly - Page 8 of 13 - Astrology insights to help. Scorpian astrology mystical chart silkscreen original artist unknown 20" x 20" aluminum frame however reversed issue if hung as is!